What is the origin of Worker's Day?

What is the origin of Worker's Day?
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Labor Day, celebrated in many countries on May 1, is a significant occasion that commemorates the struggle and the achievements of the labor movement around the world. This day represents much more than a simple holiday; It is atribute to thework forcel and its invaluable contribution to the progressandwell-beingof thesocieties.

Everything begins with the fight for the working day of eight hours in the United States, since just over a hundred years ago they exceeded  the twelve hours a day in factories where men, women, the elderly and children worked equally.< span lang="ES-ES">

This day has become a global symboll ofworker solidarity and labor rights. It is an opportunity toreflectabout rights labor conditions conquered and the challenges that still persist in guaranteeing fair and safe working conditions for all.

On this day it isrecognised the importance of workers in span>all sectors: from industry and agriculture to services and technology. It is a reminder that the progress of a society depends largely on the hard work and the dedication of its citizens.

In addition to being a day to honorwork, Labor Day is also an occasion to highlight the importance of balance between work and lang="ES-ES"> personal life, promoting mental health and thewell-beingof the workers. 

That is why we can say that Labor Day is an opportunity toreflectabout the past, celebrate< span lang="ES-ES"> present achievements and reaffirm the commitment to a fair and prosperous future of work for all. It is a reminder that, together, we can build a world where work is valued, respected and rewarded appropriately.

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