¿Por qué el 28 de febrero es el día de Andalucía?

¿Por qué el 28 de febrero es el día de Andalucía?

For Andalusians, February 28 is a date marked on the calendar. And, why is it?

The holiday of the autonomous community is celebrated on this day as it commemorates the referendum on the autonomous process of Andalusia, which took place in 1980 and gave full autonomy to the community. Furthermore, curiously, this process was the only one in Spain to be carried out in this way, with a referendum where all Andalusians voted.

During the commemoration of this day, the streets of the Andalusian cities They dress with white and green flags; In fact, one of the traditions of this day is, without a doubt, eating an Antequera muffin with salt and oil.

Likewise, on December 4, Andalusian Flag Day is also celebrated, as a tribute to the autonomist demonstration that took place on December 4, 1977. This day, during the demonstration, José Manuel García Caparrós from Malaga died from a gunshot wound and, for this reason, he is considered a symbol of the struggle of the Andalusian people and autonomy.

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