Subject,Start Date,End Date,All Day Event New Year - National holiday,01/01/2014,01/01/2014,true Epiphany of the Lord - National holiday,01/06/2014,01/06/2014,true End of Winter time (time change, at 2:00 it will be 3:00) - Special event,03/30/2014,03/30/2014,true Beginning of spring - Special event,03/20/2014,03/20/2014,true Holy Friday - National holiday,04/15/2014,04/15/2014,true Canary Islands Day - Regional holiday,05/30/2014,05/30/2014,true Labor Day - National holiday,05/01/2014,05/01/2014,true Early summer - Special event,06/20/2014,06/20/2014,true Assumption Day - National holiday,08/15/2014,08/15/2014,true Beginning of Autumn - Special event,09/23/2014,09/23/2014,true Spanish National Holiday (switched to the 13rd of October) - National holiday,10/12/2014,10/12/2014,true End of Daylight Saving Time (time change, at 3:00 it will be 2:00) - Special event,10/26/2014,10/26/2014,true All Saints Day - National holiday,11/01/2014,11/01/2014,true Spanish Constitution Day - National holiday,12/06/2014,12/06/2014,true Immaculate Conception - National holiday,12/08/2014,12/08/2014,true Beginning of Winter - Special event,12/21/2014,12/21/2014,true